Creating a bridge between doing and Being Welcome to my digital playground

Meditation Game

Meditation Game is an interactive experience that helps you relax and get into a more meditative state.


Enchanted Forest

Let the sounds and vibrations of nature balance your body, mind and spirit.


Flower Meditation

An interactive guided meditation that helps you visualize and focus on your breath

Coming soon!




You've stumbled upon my digital playground.  Here I play around with consciousness and technology.

I've loved making games ever since I was a kid and when a few years ago I started exploring consciousness and my own Beingness, I dreamed of somehow combining this old and new passion.

The apps and games you find here are my attempts at doing this.

I hope you try them out and I would love to hear what your experience is with them. This work comes from my heart and I want to make your experience as good and powerful as it can be. Your feedback is crucial in this, so please don't hesitate to .

Much love,