Enchanted Forest Let the sounds and vibrations of nature balance your body, mind and spirit

Enchanted Forest Meditation

Enchanted Forest is the second theme in the Meditation Game series.

It's intended as a short interactive meditation and uses music, sounds of nature and vibrations with specific frequencies that have a positive impact on your body, mind and spirit.

I hope this little game may help your relax and have fun while you fly your little sphere of consciousness through the forest, collecting keys and saying hi to the butterflies :)

Headphones recommended.


Enchanted Forest is now available on Google Play and will be coming to the Apple App Store soon.

Download on the App Store
Download on Google Play


  • Touch controls or Accelerometer input

  • In English with more languages coming

  • Play with music or nature sounds only

  • More meditations and music will be added over time.

Special note

In the spirit of giving freely, all my games are completely free. They are my gift to you. I hope they serve you well and can help you in some way.

The games do offer in-app purchases for those who feel inspired to support my work. Please remember that everything is already available, so donating will not unlock any features. Your donation however will help me create and release new games and features more quickly.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me so far.

Kind regards,