Meditation happens when you notice your mind has wandered and then gently bring your attention back to the point of focus you prefer.

This point of focus can be the breath, a feeling in the body, a word, or anything you choose.

The highest point of focus is the Self, your own Beingness.

Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime.

You can do it while lying down, sitting or standing.

While walking, driving, cleaning, ...

Whatever you are doing, all you have to do is this:

Whenever you notice that you are lost in thoughts, gently bring your attention back to this moment.

Simply taking a deep breathe is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Meditation will not only teach you acceptance and allowing, it will also help you to gradually raise your awareness.

What was unconscious before becomes more and more conscious.

Once you start seeing your reactive patterns, you create a choice.

The choice to follow and continue the pattern or the choice to let it go.

Letting go, can be as simple (but not easy) as sitting with whatever comes up.

Not drowning in it and not pushing against it.

This means, being comfortable with not knowing, not having the answer. Being comfortable with not feeling good, not feeling happy. Just being, watching, observing without judgement

The more you do this.
The more you let go of what is not you.
The more your mind gets quiet and the more of what is truly you, your own Beingness, becomes visible.

In time and with practice you will eventually realise who you truly are and your life will transform before your very own eyes.

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