Why is meditation so difficult ?

It's difficult because we have been trained to be 'thinking' and 'doing' all the time. Meditation really is more about unlearning something that has almost become second nature.

The most important thing to realise when meditating, is to not try to meditate or let go or change how you're feeling. This is still, often a very subtle, form of resistance or non-acceptance.

The key is to feel, observe and sit with whatever arises.
Don't think and don't try to not think, just be.

Does meditation have negative effects ?

Meditation has no negative effects but it can bring up challenges.

The more aware we become, the more of what was unconscious becomes conscious. This means that repressed emotions and traumas may resurface and we now start seeing parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable or even painful.

Although very challenging, this is not a bad thing, since it means you are now ready to face them and with time accept and let go of them.

The most important thing is to not force things.

Most negative things you hear about meditation come from someone wanting to go faster than they (their mind/body) are ready for.

How do I let go of negative emotions ?

Simply being with whatever comes up, creating a space of total acceptance.

When you drown in it, or push against it, then you are feeding it your energy.

In a space of total allowing, it no longer gets energy from you and starts burning up it's own energy.

It may come back from time to time but it's impact will have diminished and eventually it will dissipate completely. Leaving you wondering how the same things no longer bother or affect you.

What Meditation, teacher or teaching do you recommend ?

Everyone is different and needs different things at different times.

It's ok to try things out and experiment or get advice from others, but in the end only your heart knows what is right for you at any given time.

Try to be open to everything but at the same time discerning whether it's your mind or your heart that is guiding you in a certain direction or keeping you stuck, stagnating in one place.

If you feel attracted to a certain teaching or teacher, or if certain synchronicities pop up, then that's usually a good sign, but always, always use your own discernment.

Do you recommend the use of psychedelics ?

I'm not for or against any technique. What I don't recommend is forcing things. Your journey and life in general should be effortless. So if anything feels like a struggle or if you sense that you are forcing things, then it's time to take a step back.

Psychedelics are very powerful and can bring beautiful insights. However they can also release a lot of stuck emotions and traumas. If you are forcing it, taking psychedelics may bring up things that you are not ready to face yet. Causing you to have a really hard time and possibly even a mental breakdown.

So as with anything. Listen to your heart and follow it's guidance. We're all different, and different things are right for different people. Only your heart knows what is right for you.

How do I deal with other people

First of all remind yourself that no one other than you is responsible for your happiness.

So if someone is doing or saying something that upsets you, it's usually a sign that you have something you still need to let go off.

This does not mean that you should allow someone to treat you badly. If they do, you can choose, instead of becoming angry or frustrated, to simply no longer interact with them.

In situations where you cannot remove yourself so easily, you can still choose to be more assertive and communicate your needs in a clear but non-emotional way.

If you are up for it, you can use the person and situation as a gift to practice acceptance and compassion or release a pattern that doesn't serve you anymore. All relationships can be powerful teachers. Your worst enemy could be your best friend if you use the relationship in that way.

So when someone pushes your buttons and you feel anger or frustration come up. See if you can just sit with those feelings, instead of letting them carry you along for a ride.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, try to make the best of it and look for the peace and happiness within yourself. Once you find yourself in that state of total acceptance, you'll be amazed at how quickly people and situations can change.

What do you think of breathing techniques

Sometimes an experience can trigger a negative emotion in me and even though I can let it go rather quickly on the mental and emotional level, the tightness still remains in my body for a while.

It's been my experience that deep breathing can help move the energy through your body faster than meditation alone does. So learning alternate nostril breathing or another type of deep breathing technique can be a great tool to have.

When will I be done/ready ?

You could say the moment the meditator disappears and you are only Being, but even then the experience will continue to deepen, so even for the master it never ends.

What is the best mindset I could adopt ?

The best mindset would be that every situation and every person that triggers a negative response or an emotional reaction in you, is here to serve you.
This perspective immediately turns your attention towards growth, acceptance and letting go, instead of getting you stuck in drama and pain.

If you have a specific question then please don't hesitate to contact me